Translations in context of “dismórfico corporal” in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: Christian, esto se trata del clásico trastorno dismórfico corporal. La belleza involucra al corazón, captura la mente y revoluciona las emociones. El Trastorno Dismórfico Corporal (TDC) es un trastorno de la imagen corporal. English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. body dysmorphic disorder trastorno dismórfico.

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En la terapia cognitiva conductual, un especialista ayuda a la persona a examinar y a cambiar pensamientos incorrectos, a resistir comportamientos compulsivos y a enfrentar situaciones preocupantes que desencadenan preocupaciones sobre la apariencia. It can be hard for them to see that the problem cor;oral BDD is not the way they look. Buscar en la biblioteca de KidsHealth. Feel upset about their looks. People with BDD spend hours focused on what they think is wrong with their looks.

Buscando ayuda para el TDC. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Si tu o alguien que conoces sufre de TDC, el primer paso es reconocer lo que puede estar causando el problema.

Por ejemplo, alguien puede mirar o examinar dismorficl parte “imperfecta” del cuerpo de forma repetida o gastar altas sumas de dinero y tiempo en maquillaje para cubrir el problema. There is still much to learn about the exact causes of body dysmorphic disorder. Este tipo de comportamientos, el chequear, arreglar y preguntar de este modo son compulsiones.


With BDD, a people feel the strong need to check their looks over and over. After a Severe Car Accident. They never feel OK about how they look. Some look for treatments or surgery they don’t need, hoping to “fix” a flaw. Many times a day, they check, fix, cover up, or ask others about their looks.

For example, they check their looks in a mirror, ask others how they look, or “fix” their looks many times a day. With BDD, people find it hard to stop thinking about the parts of their looks they dislike. A low supply of serotonin helps explain why BDD happens. They ask dsmorfico and listen carefully to the answers to know if a person has BDD or another disorder.

Check or fix their looks. El tratamiento para el TDC toma tiempo, trabajo y paciencia. Try not to be seen. BDD is not a person’s fault. People with BDD don’t see their body as it really is, or as others see it. Have false ideas about their looks. They may stay home; keep to themselves; or use makeup, hats, or clothes to cover up.

Body dysmorphic disorder is not caused by anything the person or their parent did. Generalmente, el tratamiento incluye un tipo de terapia del habla llamada la terapia cognitiva dksmorfico cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Algunas veces las personas con TDC se sienten avergonzadas y guardan sus preocupaciones en secreto. But this doesn’t relieve or improve BDD. Body Image and Self-Esteem Help!

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Term Bank – trastorno dism – Spanish English Dictionary

They focus on flaws that seem minor to others. Is This My Body? Aunque muchas personas no corpofal sienten satisfechas con su apariencia, estas preocupaciones no ocupan constantemente sus pensamientos o no les atormentan.

They focus on specific things — like a pimple on their skin, or the shape or looks of their nose, eyes, lips, ears, or hands. People with BDD feel worried, stressed, and anxious about their looks almost all the time. Dksmorfico thoughts and worries that are part of BDD take up a person’s time and drain their energy. Learning about Scoliosis Spinal Fusion: Debido a la imagen distorsionada del cuerpo que ocasiona el trastorno TDC, una persona puede creer que es demasiado fea o desfigurada para que otros la vean.

Translation of “dismórfico corporal” in English

It’s the skewed way BDD makes them see themselves. Una persona puede quedarse en su casa para evitar ser vista por otras personas.

Pueden pensar que otros los consideran vanidosos o superficiales. Los comportamientos que evitan hacer ciertas actividades incluyen no participar en clase, no socializar, o evitar los espejos.