Oct 4, I have heard many Nihangs say that Dusht Daman(Guru Gobind Singh jee’s previous life) were a Rishi but it is not correct Guru jee were a. place hemkunt refers to Dusht Daman jee. Guru gobind singh Ji mentions this place in his composition Bachittar Natak. But it was not until the twentieth century . Let us now briefly examine the veracity of this story [of Dusht Daman]. In order to help the gods in the Satyug, the Aad Shakti (Durga) was tired after killing ten.

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The human mind is cultivated to its maturity by association with saintly society and by confronting evil situations.

I’m not saying meditation is futile, in loud or quiet places, I’m talking about asceticism. Guru Jee did ‘Tap’ even before this dialogue. The word ‘Hemkunt’ has been used in the first stanza. The definition of ‘Yog’ is clearly given in ‘Pantanjalee Yog sootra’: Its insufficiency over part of the road, is a cumulative emphasis on the danger of descent.

Dusht Daman!? – Sikhism | Questions and Answers – SikhAwareness Forum

In the second and third stanza, we find the description of ‘Tap’ by Guru jee and his mother and father. Register a new account. They do not eat physical food, so there is no need for them to live near any human population. So, ‘Hemkunt means ‘the tank of ice’. Being fully absorbed in my dama of God, I did not desire to come to this world.


Hindu sacred books divide Time into Four Yugas, each one of thousands of years. Already have an account? Suddenly a great, lumbering grizzly bear came from the left towards me.

Rishis used to write books called smrities. I would appreciate your comments to clear my confusion. It is possible that kid might have been a Peer or Rishi in his former lifetime s.

When he reached ‘Triveni’, he spent days offering charities. Consider your house as a forest, and remain an anchorite at heart. For, the requirements of that path are different. She pleased Vyasa in all respects. When Vyasa went into the room, the maid showed no fear.

Dusht Daman Jee were a Monarch and NOT a Rishi – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

By associating with evil, one becomes evil minded. It took months to get a response regarding the qc and I was told it would be soon lifted, that was months ago.

Still, Guru jee is not there in the holy womb the mother. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We do not yet understand that the myths cannot be literally interpreted. Even the Devtas want this human body. The Sidhas and Rishis of the forests then arranged to go on a mountaneous pilgrimage.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Daaman fifth stanza tells that Guru Jee’s heart never wished to come into this world. So, it is wrong to say that ‘Hemkunt’ is the womb.


Even Rishis hunt deer and sacrifice them to their gods. As a result of my daaman of God, I attained complete union with Him.

This time she did not kill the child but disappeared herself. If someone wants to use the word ‘Yog’ in dirty meanings, he should find the name of Paandu’s wife in these lines. She became totally confused but the sun god, not leaving her, embraced her. He told his wives to go to his people and tell them that he would become an ascetic, even though they begged to stay with him.

Dusht Daman Jee were monarch, strong honest soul of God but during his experience as a monarch, Dusht Daman jee became a bit udaas from this world and started doing bhagti. As you have brought grief to me, while I was enjoying happiness, so shall the same happen to you.

It was here that king Pandu practiced jog union. The king ‘Paandu’ ‘kamaava’ earned or gained ‘Yog’ there.