KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Do not pull or break this jumper cable. Test the location and then remove only a tiny piece of the backing paper at the left edge. You will need to apply strong pressure to get the pins all the way into the socket. Press down on the center of that chip only. This will invariably lead to problems later on.

However, you may use this procedure to eliminate garbled data that results from problems that may have arisen during TURBO-installation or from any other source of problems such as a dead battery, etc. Fortunately these are all quite simple. If a es contact with TURBO or any of DW it might damage the is please read the following Static electricity is less likely to build up in a humid environment.

If the display does appear, then the TURBO board is correctly installed and you can go on to the initialization procedure. Press with your thumbs as described using as much weight as necessary. You will attach the hook from the plunger clip around this pin. Most problems are easily solved in a few minutes with a simple explanation and instructions if you give us accurate and complete information about the problem.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Make xw8000 both rows are even! Make sure all pins are aligned before pressing them into the socket. If you are uncertain about your ability to open the DW and handle its components carefully, please refer the installation to a qualified technician. You might also consider placing a book or other object under the top half to keep it an inch or two above the table.

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You must hold these buttons down until the display changes to Attach this corner, then check alignment before gradually peeling off the rest of the backing. I strongly suggest taking an hour to read the entire manual before beginning to use the Turbo-charged DW.

To initialize the DW This is the ROM chip which is designed to be replaceable. Be sure to read the entire section on memory before loading sounds into the DW! Congratulations, you are now the owner of a unique and wonderful synthesizer!

DW-8000/Owner’s Manaul

Use the plastic pen cap to make delicate adjustments if necessary. If the display “” does not appearturn it off immediately and check your work for errors.

We need to remove the middle PCB. Let it rest on the table on its rubber feet so that the keyboard is facing towards you. Here it is with a bit of heatshrink added to prevent any embarrassing short circuits.

It should look like this. Have the front key side towards you so that the joystick is now on your right, face down. For the larger ones I wrote the connector number on the side with permanent marker, for the smaller ones I attached a label to the wire.

Full text of “Korg DW Angel City Turbo Upgrade Manual”

You will probably do a better job than the average technician who will not read the instructions and will therefore not install the TURBO fully in the socket. I just bought an EX This is the chip you are looking for. Reinstall the PCB, and reconnect all the connectors. This replaces the original “” display.

Do not remove the four rubber feet or the 4 smaller screws located to the left and right of the rear left rubber foot. The plastic shaft of the clip will point up in the air at an angle in the direction of the right front. The most delicate set is on the other end, near the audio output jacks. I’m not aware of any that fit the footprint, so I ended up having to drill a new hole in the PCB.


Make sure the left side, including the joysticks, hangs over the edge of your work table.

Just remember to hold the two-halves together securely when turning the DW right side up. Ma untwisted and that the copper front of the DW towards youpin we previously identified a will probably have to caref extended a bit to get it betve to get the hook around the fr refully, do plunger and copper hook ke sure the hook has its This hook i nd the one d ully turn en the pins ont pin. And the other side, after soldering the cell holder. Sounds will not normally be lost when install ing Turbo, but it could happen accidentally or if it becomes necessary to do the ” init ial izat i on ff procedure.

This is the chip that you will remove, and you will install Turbo in its socket.

KORG will be happy to give you the name of a service facility near you if you call them at If you experience static electricity discharges in your home you will certainly need to take precautions.

All of the following pertains only to the green component board in the center. You are now ready to load sounds into the eight memory banks.

Start gently, until you are sure msnual all the pins are aligned and started into their sockets. Relax and take as much time as you need to gradually insert the pins into the fw8000. This will erase all memory in the DW and replace it with a legal set of blank patches with all parameters set to their lowest values. Or it may stop working some day after you have moved the DW or when you hit the keys hard. Avoid wool and other static causing materials- Avoid carpeted areas.