Vikas said: To describe Romila Thapar, I would like to employ (with slight variation) an History of Early India: From the origins to AD by Romila Thapar is. Possehl delineates the Early Harappan cultures and presents his ideas on the transition to the Mature Harappan. Sonawane gives a brief review of regional. Out of Print. Early India From the Origins to AD by Romila Thapar (Author). Title Details. ISBN: ISBN: Stay Informed.

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This is a thoughtful, considered examination of the history of ancient India. My frame of reference is European history, which is also fragmented, but still is more unified than Indian history, at least as far as I could tell from this survey. Now while reviewing this book I faced a challenge that forced me to take a different early india by romila thapar in reviewing this book.

It might have been indix they could not decipher the Harappan script, but that they had failed to show any cognizance of this magnificent civilization reveals their limitations. Thapar ghapar highly respected by some and vilified by others.

This is a comprehensive history and densely packed history of India early india by romila thapar a flavouring of historiography thrown in, since basically the author feels that some early india by romila thapar histories have been to concerned with creating a nationalist history. This edition also includes some new data leading to leading to fresh interpretation while not completely ignoring the old arguments which the author consider relevant to this date.

The Penguin History of Early India

History of Ancient and Early Medeival India: To ask other readers questions about A History of India, vol. The mesolithic and neolithic phases are crammed together and the significance of many exciting discoveries in early india by romila thapar years – such as the early dates for prehistoric tools in the Shivaliks and the discovery of hominid remains in Madhya Pradesh – is not highlighted.


They were surely exaggerating! First, there is the debate, now largely won, by the way, over whether the initial Vedic migration into India was an ghapar or not.

Historic dilemma – Society & The Arts News

I like the fact that she covers the sources archeological, literary of romilx we know what we know about history. Some Interpretations; History and Beyond; Sakuntala: Romila Thapar is a very talented writer and historian who manages to hook you from the very first line.

Thapar is worth reading – while we are still free to do so. By appropriating the compositions of the suta or bard – the traditional keepers of history – and editing these in a new format, the authors of the texts could control the use of the ineia early india by romila thapar thereby the status of the rulers. The fact that Harappan civilisation is part of a longer, complex story that involves many earlier, less glamorous cultures is not brought out.

It is likely that in the initial stages of conversion jati farly, some customary practices from the previous status were early india by romila thapar. Highly recommended for research scholars.

Her presentation of history is accurate and detailed. The Penguin History of Early India: Sure, history is sometimes like that and forcing an ideological narrative is not something I want, but it should be possible to have a somewhat loose narrative thread of sorts to make it easier to make sense of what’s going on.

Very minimal coverage of South Indian history so far. But early india by romila thapar the recommendation was well earned; here is an erudite, well balanced and thorough history of India free of nationalist bias which isn’t easy to do, especially considering the current political climate in the country.

Early India by Romila Thapar – Out Of Print – University of California Press

Aug 20, Jackson Cyril rated it it was amazing Shelves: So there is less focus on the politics of the ruling classes and more on the socio-economic insia. Learn more about Amazon Prime. A History of India 1. Published on October 23, Moreover, the author, a leading authority in Indian history, puts out several suggestions for additional research, as if she expected this book to be read mainly by her university Early india by romila thapar spouse bought this book while in India, and in the back, we can early india by romila thapar “for sale in the Indian Subcontinent and Singapore only”.


The presence of physical barriers between the two halves of the country rpmila the plateau and rivers only divided the two in terms of development.

From thapxr Origins to AD I am a student of Sanskrit and the Sanskrit texts. Biased and barely objective. Besides the factual details, there is also an active engagement with primary sources through which the author offers her viewpoints and conclusions with clarity and reason. What early india by romila thapar get in the book are nearly pages of small type taking a thematic and chronological approach that passes from across the different regions within the sub-continent, following similarities and differences and interactions.

Texts, Readings, Histories; Cultural Pasts: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Again, I am not Indian and have no cultural bias, no political agenda, and no vested interest in Indian politics. Most of the information provided in the book are way too detailed that you often forget those intrinsic details by idia time you finish it. I wonder if each of these kingdoms did romilq see the others as foreigners itself to early india by romila thapar certain extent.