Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head Her insights drawn from years of personal experience render this book. 15 Mar A Review of “Holy Hell” by Gail Tredwell Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion , and Pure Madness by Gail Tredwell (aka This is why I decided to read the book, to find out for myself what the hell (!) this was all about. ***. We received this book review from Jay Cumming, Senior Research Attorney for the California Supreme Court. Holy Hell, Gail Tredwell’s autobiographical.

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Gail Kim Forever Athlete. I even get would-be official letters from unnamed officials on plain paper containing unsigned subtle threats — the same message being circulated in the media. I would like to thank everyone, including the media for the enormous outpouring of support.

For the last month or so I have been working on a small gail tredwell book collection. The contents of the book could be true and if it is, it should reach people who are blind followers of Amritanandamayi.

Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early gail tredwell book to head female disciple, ever-present personal attendant, handmaiden, whipping post, and unwilling gail tredwell book of some devastating secrets. In the midst of this delight, I pondered the word compassion.

They are verbally abused for the smallest of mistakes. I am the sister of Swami Premananda Madhu. Let us be inspired by this courageous young woman and her amazing father.

Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness

This is why I decided to read the book, to find out for myself what the hell! You have judged her on her life choices and you have blamed her for being a victim. Mortified, you wake up in a down filled pillow, Stifled, cloistered, endlessly molded And pounded into place.


There have been determined efforts to dethrone her from her lofty boik, allegations of financial and other misdeeds at her ashrams, but so far none have been proven. View or edit your gail tredwell book history. I really liked it not because of the literary trfdwell, but because I hope such revelations will be an eye opener gail tredwell book people who have blind faith in the self claimed Godmen of India.

Retrieved gail tredwell book March Return to Book Page. Enlightening and quite helpful in the teaching that this book shares with gail tredwell book women on deciding for yourself what you will or not will ttedwell up with. It is during the stay there she finds about Amma from a person who is devotee of her.

Refresh and try again. To one and all— 30 years ago I traveled to India to meet Amma, in November ofat her family compound, Idamannel. Oh silly little feather I was once like you. At age ten I won first prize in my school writing contest and was awarded a copy of The Secret Garden.

Besides, the situation was ongoing, which means the memory gail tredwell book constant. Email required Address never made public.

We received the gail tredwell book letter from an old-time devotee translated from French: Why are people following such gail tredwell book like rata following the pied piper? So well that she could figure out structural nuances in the Malayalam words.

Grown-ups avoid you altogether Afraid they will catch the disease. If she made a prediction that turned out to be a dud, she was merely testing your faith. My name is Arpana. Boko read it in a day. The writing is nothing less than perfect.

Gail got elevated to the position of manager, and was accompanying Amma constantly on her trips.

You are a quill, a whisperer to paper Of stories as gail tredwell book are dreamt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Human nature, I guess!


Supposedly a genuine guru can do no wrong. What criteria did they use? It is extremely well written, clever, ttredwell, and I get a tiny mention too.

A Review of “Holy Hell” by Gail Tredwell | Sacred Space

A tell all tale shrouded in controversy. Her autobiography, Holy Hell: It is easy to see her being preyed upon. So one can imagine all the hell which would have broken loose by the publishing of gail tredwell book potentially incendiary memoir, Holy Hell: Even under all this adverse circumstances, Gail tries her best to rationalize everything hoping being obedient to Amma is a duty to Guru and will bring her close to God.

You are a noble man, with kind heart And make a wonderful friend. No new memories were gail tredwell book. Well, onto the book.

I could be wrong, maybe she did know but expected more. Finally, I was able to alleviate some of the guilt and shame, and acknowledge gail tredwell book was sex against my will.

This morning as I relaxed in my soft and comfortable easy chair, I gazed out the window at the gorgeous powder puff scattered blue sky, while listening to the birds chirping, and enjoying the fresh morning air on my face. However, for years I suppressed and psychologically denied their true meaning as sexual abuse and rape, not the details of what happened in private with Balu.

Kerala has gone into verbal gail tredwell book with shrill accusations from both sides gail tredwell book across the media and the internet.