21 May Acrobat (XI and earlier) sometimes confounded legal professionals during the scanning and OCR process with “renderable text” errors. In older. Adobe Acrobat can perform the OCR, even correct the suspected OCR errors during the recognition. In Acrobat X Pro or Acorbat XI Standard: 1. Open PDF in. 28 Mar For all those people out there – students, academics, archivists, and eBooks readers – who have been stymied by Adobe® Acrobat’s® stubborn.

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Of course there how to ocr renderable text in still always the convert to TIFF and back method but that will rasterize and pixelate your graphics. If there is nothing in a cell, that means I didn’t think it was worth trying that conversion. Depending on the version of Acrobat ocd have, the message may read something like: Fix for Renderable Text Issue.

It is pretty good but don’t expect miracles. It inspired me to use Automator on my Mac to basically create the reneerable you described.

Anyway, thank you for posting that workaround. The chart below shows the resulting file sizes. Anonymous October 9, at 1: I don’t know if Adobe changed how it works or if it never was a serious issue ie: After printing, the document will be ready to be OCRed by Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat: “Renderable Text” |

XPS printer driver settings to convert the image to 72dpi. This can be done using “Save Rendderable or through the Action Wizard. Hoe let me know, if you find a solution. June 14, how to ocr renderable text in 5: Does either error mean that OCR failed or that it just passed by the text and OCRed what it could, and these can be ignored?


Cipher, it sounds as if you have answered your own question. Hi Grant, I had this problem as well. I had a similar problem while recognizing an page document.

But once it tries to do a certain function then it chokes on just a few bytes that are in a sequence it doesn’t expect. If it finds any text content already present there, if would quit with the message mentioned by you. I how to ocr renderable text in my particular method because I suspect that the “print to XPS” driver just uses the image format that is already in the original.

I set the dpi to I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1. It is readable and selectable but it is much more difficult to read how to ocr renderable text in documents produced using either the “Searchable Image exact ” or the “ClearScan”output style. It seems the file I had was encoded with a hidden watermark, and I needed to remove that to OCR it I’m not pirating it or anything – I just had to run OCR because it was terribly done by somebody else, and my iAnnotate highlighter works better with a properly OCRed file.

JPG files are smaller, but that comes at rrenderable cost.

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Does not save as PDF – saves a file of 0kb. XPS files in Acrobat when you really want to convert them to. I had thought Adobe had learned better than this by now.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

This message will sometimes occur when trying to make a scanned paper PDF file text searchable also know as adding OCR to a document. Robertson October 11, at Body text alignment changed.

Renserable it checked, the pages will be cropped. My text was slightly less readable after conversion, but it allowed me to get good OCR out of it.

Although this trick does not require a lot of tedious manual labor, it does take rendreable a lot of computer hw and processing power. Frustrating formatting problems lead the client to ask me to rekey the first manual.

Bookmarks should be retained during OCR. Save the file using yet another file name. Select a sample page. I just used the crop tool, selected the entire page and performed the crop on just the single stubborn page. I have updated the instructions, included the section on how to ocr renderable text in back to.

Thanks for reminding me about that.