Majid Rahnema is the author of The Post-Development Reader ( avg rating, 64 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), Quand la misère chasse la pauvreté . The book The Post-Development Reader, Majid Rahnema and Victoria Bawtree is published by Zed Books. 5 results for Books: “Majid Rahnema”. Product Details Mar 1, by Majid Rahnema and Victoria Bawtree by Majid Rahnema et Jean Robert. Currently.

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Intuition guided my initial rejection of development. We must load it into lorries that we have to buy and maintain. You fahnema to depart to celebrate the 75th birthday of Dadaji; I to teach one more class on the history of iconoclasm at the university.

The most destructive effect of development is its tendency to distract my eye from your face with the phantom, humanity, that I ought to love. The spread of widespread misery and poverty is an obviously unacceptable social scandal, especially in societies perfectly capable of avoiding it.

To help you grasp the depth of my question, I think of a beautiful answer ,ajid gave to David Cayley when he asked you, “Once one has laid bare these certainties and becomes aware of ‘needs,’ ‘care,’ ‘development’ — whatever these cherished concepts are — once one has investigated them, once one has seen Iranian diplomats births deaths.

He replied, “A hundred dirham’s weight would suffice. Majid Rahnema and Victoria Bawtree. As you know better than I, most languages have several differently sounding words for the first person plural, for the we, the us.

Later, I increasingly questioned the pursuit of an abstract and ever more remote ideal called health. Protecting the Space Within – Karen Lehman From my first encounter with it, when I became vice-chancellor in charge of “development” at a university in Ponce, Puerto Rico, I had doubts.

Development as Planned poverty – Ivan Illich Tell your friend the story of Saadi’s Golestan, the story you related at the celebration last night: Thinking of him, I sometimes wonder whether the joy and indeed the inner clarity gained by this type of questioning does not sometimes hinder one’s capacity to relate to the outer world and to participate in a meaningful social life.


Colonization of the Mind – Ashis Nandy Inhe created an Institute for Studies of Endogenous Development, inspired by the educational ideas of Paulo Freireto begin a development project basis with the farmers of Lorestan.

This position has led some of your critics to argue that you are interested more in the history of the arts of suffering than in actions aimed at reducing or eventually eliminating different forms of sufferings. Inevitably, this wild-goose chase transforms the good into a value; it frustrates present satisfaction in Latin, enough-ness so that one always longs for something better that lies in the “not yet. With the collapse of colonialism, the millions who had joined the struggle accepted their leaders’ new call for ‘development’.

Majid, there is something unsettling about your inquisition. The question they now ask is: I rejected speedy transportation as a method of increased egalitarian access Energy and Equity.

The candle which burns in front of us also lights up our pipe; a match would serve just as well. This morning, I conveyed to you the message of a younger friend who asked me to thank you for having left a deep mark on his life, since the first time he learned from you the need constantly to question his certainties. You use a different expression for saying: Yes, as I was coming to see you here in Bremen, I felt it would be a more exceptional gift to the readers if I could offer them your views on development, some twenty-six years later, especially as “The Post-development Reader” is intended to help them better understand the post-development era.

Views Read Edit View history. It is this research that brings me now to show how a radical transformation of our lifestyle, including a reinvention of the chosen poverty, has now become the sine qua non of any serious struggle against new forms of production misery. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: But a match would not let us see the continual reflection of a thirdone in both our pupils, would not remind us of this persistent presence. He came to distinguish “poverty” lifestyle based on moderation, which may be voluntary cf.

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The story is true of things, be they food, or ideas, or books. He also served on the University Council of the United Nations from toand also resident representative of the United Nations in Mali. Rahnemma in background and experience, they are all committed, however, to seeing through the rhetoric of development, free from the distorting lenses of ideology and habit.


Majid, your queries are like challenges, more stimuli than questions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just last night, with my students who are also your readers, we celebrated your 70th birthday. Friendship cannot be true unless it is open, inclusive, convivial — unless a third is fully welcome. And remember that there is no possibility of achieving this so long as the candle near our samovar stands for “everyone”.

Majid Rahnema (Author of The Post-Development Reader)

Is your counsel to live in the dark? In Medical Nemesis, my main concern was the destruction of the cultural matrix that supported an art of living characteristic of a time and place. The contributors illuminate the wisdom of vernacular society which modern development thinking and practice has done so much to denigrate and destroy. That was exactly 40 years ago, 12 years before you were made Minister of Education, 17 years before each of us overcame his timidity and we rwhnema in Tehran, where we sucked on an ablambu, a huge pomegranate, at our first meeting.

Majid Rahnema

Now you ask something which just fits the sense rzhnema which we concluded our first session. A Threat to Liberation – Pan Simmons I objected to compulsory schooling as an inappropriate means to pursue universal education — which I then approved Deschooling Society.

Learning from Ladakh – Helena Norberg-Hodge 3.

The reflection of twenty years led to the publication of his book When Misery Hunts Poverty