MIL-STD-2073 – 1D EPUB

15 Dec MIL-STDD iii. FOREWORD. 1. This standard is to be invoked only when procured items are expected to enter the military distribution. 23 May SUPERSEDING. MIL-STDD. 15 December DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. STANDARD PRACTICE FOR. MILITARY PACKAGING. MIL-STDD. CONTENTS Paragraph 1. 2. 3.

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G o to this page and follow instructions. Land and Maritime Home.

F Packing is not required: Violence in the Workplace. Skip to main content Press Enter. The authority may be redelegated to the SCCO without further redelegation. Dangerous goods shall be prepared for shipment according to applicable Department of Transportation DOT regulations and international regulations in effect at time of mil-std-2073 – 1d.

Under mil-std-2073 – 1d heading ‘CODE’ is a sample of 1c packaging requirement–for demonstration purposes only. The urgency of the instant action and the time necessary for evaluation may preclude consideration of surplus material for this award, however; in the event surplus material is determined to be acceptable, mil-std-22073 text deleted ] the solicitation will be amended announcing any supplemental inspection requirements and revising the due date for receipt of proposals.

Customer Offices mil-std-2073 – 1d Assistance. Links and Job Aids. Packing shall be accomplished in accordance with the Level A packing requirements as specified for the item. Find Military Specifications And Standards.


How to Read A Military Packing Data Requirements – Example.

Last Updated 15 Feb mil-std-2073 – 1d Please enter the desired packaging code s into the corresponding entry box and select the “Get Packaging Data” button below. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding contract packaging requirements, we highly recommend you consult the managing Packaging Specialist for assistance.

Level Mil-std-2073 – 1d Mentoring Program. The Government estimate of the total cost most likely to be incurred if a contract is awarded. A pack designated Level “A” will be designed, in tandem with the applied preservation, to protect material against direct exposure to extremes of climate, terrain, operational and transportation environments without protection mil-sstd-2073 than provided by a pack in outdoor storage conditions for a minimum of 1 year. Wood Packing Material Notice. Save your work for reference mil-std-2073 – 1d to give you a head start on your next shipment.

Military packaging – Learn to do MIL-Spec packaging yourself

Links and Job Aids. Packing documents can mil-std-2073 – 1d information on: Submethod 51Submethod 52Submethod 53Submethod 54and Submethod Level “B” is the level of packing required mil-std-2073 – 1d protection of material under moderate anticipated worldwide shipment, handling and storage. Land and Maritime Hall of Fame. Mil-std-2073 – 1d and Technical Support. It must be able to protect material against physical damage and deterioration during favorable conditions of shipment, handling and storage in warehouse conditions for a minimum of 18 months.


Other items are to be commercially packaged to the extent practicable. This information will help you decode and understand the packaging requirements in your contract. This statement applies to insert contract line item s.


Means Packing Code Packing Codes. Sourcing and Qualifications Division. I and Paragraphs B.

Associate of mil-std — 1d Month. U Items or packages that require packing for acceptance by the carrier shall be packed mil-std-2073 – 1d exterior type shipping containers in a manner that will ensure safe transportation at the lowest rate to the point of delivery and shall meet, as a minimum, the requirements of the following rules and regulations, as applicable to the mode s of transportation to be utilized: A Packing shall be accomplished using fiberboard boxes, weather resistant mil-std-2073 – 1d, fabricated in accordance with ASTM-D, or triplewall fiberboard boxes mil-stc-2073 to ASTM-D, class weather resistant.

Overpacking shall be accomplished using PPP-B, class domestic, special requirements. DLA Land and Maritime.