Instead, all settings are saved through the cloud and accessed via Synapse. Use the custom Chroma profile you create. Not many programs support left and right clicks, but it would still be nice to have the option with a mouse at this price point. In theory, the Diamondback should work well for game genres that traditionally have a low number of controls; think MOBAs, first-person shooters, and action RPGs. The price is a bit high as gaming mice go, but the Diamondback won’t let you down in features or performance.

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Even the buttons are symmetrical On the top of the Diamondback, you’ll find two gigantic primary buttons. This iconic gaming mouse was born from extensive research and engineering, hundreds of razer diamondback iterations, followed by countless rigorous test sessions with Esports athletes. The mouse does not store profiles and settings internally. Razer has a timed exclusivity contract on it, so you really won’t find a comparable mouse sensor for the next year or two.

Home Reviews Computing Peripherals. The Diamondback has three basic razer diamondback areas: But that doesn’t mean an ambidextrous mouse like this wouldn’t be the best option for some users.

Best Gaming Headset Overall, the software is as good today as it ever was, and the Razer Diamondback fits snug into the Synapse fold. When enabled, any keypress razer diamondback mouse click from razer diamondback Diamondback or compatible device will cause all Chroma devices set to ‘Reactive’ to light up. Razer diamondback original Razer Diamondback departed in Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the razer diamondback and you can unsubscribe at any time.

The mouse remains lit up with a single color of the user’s choosing.

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse – Enhanced Ambidextrous Mouse

Chroma always looks good, but it looks absolutely phenomenal razer diamondback the razer diamondback Diamondback. It features comfy rubber grips, a symmetrical design with plenty of buttons, sexy Chroma lighting, and that kick-a sensor. The male end of the cable has a Razer logo on one side.

If you’ve razer diamondback had this style of mouse, you’ll have to adjust for a while. Unlike the Razer Mamba and Mamba TEthe buttons are completely razerr from the top shell of the mouse.

Part of razer diamondback includes customising Chroma lighting, including synchronising the glow with other devices like a keyboard.

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Impressive performance aside, one of my favorite aspects of the Diamondback is its Chroma lighting support. I pick it up each day and think: Skip to main content. The Razer Diamondback has just about everything you razer diamondback want in an ambidextrous mouse.

Enhanced ambidextrous form factor of the original Razer Diamondback Razer diamondback the distinctive, acclaimed ambidextrous form factor of the first Razer Diamondback, this new and improved gaming mouse razer diamondback a wide variety of grip styles and hand sizes. Users can razer diamondback five distinct sensitivity stages through the Razer Synapse software and then toggle between them at will using the side DPI buttons.

The Diamondback would also be a great fit for a multiple user scenario such as the family or office computer. The scroll wheel also lights up, for good measure. Read on for our detailed review with video!

The razer diamondback symmetry — two on either side — means that two buttons are always too awkwardly positioned to use, and become useless. The mouse cycles between various colors.

Razer Firefly Light-up Razer diamondback Mat. The top and portions of the sides feature a mildly textured matte plastic surface that provides just the right amount of grip. It should razer diamondback remained dignified in idamondback, rather than being reborn in the shape of this oddball Frankenmouse. Ambidextrous design good for lefties; 16,dpi sensor, light and nimble. The Razer Synapse razer diamondback also gives you access to more powerful tools however, like setting up gaming profiles, changing DPI read: Chroma lighting with true