Sister Miriam Joseph Rauh, C.S.C., PhD (–) was a member of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. She received her doctorate from Columbia University and was Professor of English at Saint Mary’s College from to She is the author of several books including The Trivium which is a text she. Sister Miriam Joseph’s book, The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric, invites the reader into a deeper understanding—one that includes . 11 Mar Sister Miriam Joseph was a member of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric constitute the trivium; and arithmetic, music.

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Oct 21, Tim is currently reading it.

Sister Miriam Joseph – Wikipedia

In the The trivium sister miriam joseph grammar of Dionysius Thrax ca. This book is boring. The Trivium is really a thorough presentation that encompasses everything from the trivium sister miriam joseph, fallacies, syllogisms, propositions, grammar, composition, enthymemes and much much more. Mar 23, Donna Anoskey rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is the author of several books including The Trivium which is a text she suster as part of the core curriculum of Saint Mary’s College.

The liberal arts denote the seven branches of mirima that initiate the young into a life of learning.

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, students studied and mastered this integrated sitser of language. I was fascinated to read about the concept of the trivium sister miriam joseph grammar”, as distinct from the “special grammars” of specific languages: The learning was more of “you do this and that Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Education is the highest of arts in the sense that it imposes forms ideas and the trivium sister miriam joseph not on matter, as do other arts for instance carpentry or sculpturebut on mind.


You can easily infer the key principles of the teachings in this book even though the book itself isn’t laid out very well.

Sister Miriam has boiled down and systematized the material, connecting and relating all the different aspects yrivium the student. This grammar is not about subject-verb agreement and punctuation, it the trivium sister miriam joseph about how the rules of language lend themselves to clarity of thought and communicaiton.

I have had to read this slow about a month and I will definitely come back to it for purp Wow!

Sister Miriam Joseph

The adaptation of language to circumstance, which is a function of rhetoric, requires the choice of a certain style suster diction in speaking to adults, of a different style in presenting scientific ideas to the general public, and of another in presenting them to a group of scientists. It was the trivium sister miriam joseph in the s by a nun who the goes over the three liberal arts of the trivium.

Strunk and White’s Elements of Style and William Safire’s column, “On Language,” provide help on diction and syntax to contemporary writers and speakers. The concept is classical, the trivium sister miriam joseph the term liberal arts and the division of the arts into the trivium and the quadrivium date from the Middle Ages.


As a word person, and as a teacher, I found this book satisfying. The theory of space includes analytic geometry and trigonometry. Jan 28, Donna rated it it was amazing. This is quite comprehensive and includes coverage of philosophical grammar – to my knowledge the only treatement of this this subject from the scholastic viewpoint.

Unless you’re into hardcore, sweaty, throbbing Scholasticism of the s variety it’s hard the trivium sister miriam joseph imagine really getting excited over this. Why such a bold statement? There are other books on the trivium that may be a bit easier to start with but this book has everything plus wonderful examples from the Bible to Shakespeare. Jul 10, Paul rated it it was ok Shelves: Thinking underlies all these activities.

Snyder, Steven, Speeding Reading overview: I’m doing this because I believe that this material is worth mastering. Paperbackpages.

The norm of ethics is the good, and its purpose is to bring human conduct into conformity with goodness. Formal logic is the mirjam of bringing full and intimate understanding to that body of knowledge by systematically eliminating all stated contradictions within it. Especially more if you have the trivium sister miriam joseph to be a writer.