2 Aug The campfire fantasy had turned into fact and the Earth now was on galactic charts, a way station for many different peoples traveling star to star. Way Station is a relatively short novel written by Clifford Simak in , winner of a Hugo Award and barely mentioned today except for the shameless. 27 Feb Armageddon on the horizon! The Hugo winner, Way Station by Clifford D. Simak, has all of these things and much, much less.

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The following picture shows exactly what I think the inside of the way station simak station looks like: As with most sci-fi back wsy, this is a very quick read pages and worth your time.

View all 4 comments. Some hundred years ago, Wallace was recruited by Ulysses, a friendly alien Galactican Commissioner, to operate Earth’s first galactic way way station simak, welcoming alien visitors and managing the transport. Enoch Way station simak is a Civil War veteran, and he is still alive, looking to be in his thirties, a hundred years later. Dee Arr Top Contributor: His characters are rarely prone to violence and while recognizing how flawed the human race is he was still optimistic that our overall goodness way station simak sijak us through.

Compilation of the Kindle novellas “Josiah T There’s a flashback to Enoch in Gettysburg and an Info Dump sration his whole military statiln early in the novel. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. And once again, she is not the typical love interest. She has a hint of strangeness, etherealness, to her.

Nov 23, Andreas way station simak it liked it Shelves: Enoch’s ghostly support system, which he created years ago, collapses on him during the course of the novel. I really like this about it.


Sam Jordison on Clifford D Simak’s Way Station | Books | The Guardian

Let’s start with the baseline: Something that ignites an intergalactic incident at a very critical moment for both Earth and The Federation. This did not read as dated to me. Sometimes he is able to communicate in some fashion with them, befriending and gaining way station simak sense of fellowship with many individuals and races.

Off to find another Way station simak novel. Too Hot-Blooded and often prejudiced, but nothing that time won’t fix. The American Civil War: We soon find out that he was chosen by an Alien named Ulysses to operate a way station that serves as one part of a way station simak transportation network that connects civilizations throughout the galaxy.

The other character is Mary, one of the two “holographic” characters that Enoch has imagined using alien technology. You should give it a go. As he struggles with this dismal forecast, wondering if he could be mistaken, a stranger intrudes who could ruin not only the establishment of way station simak way station, but possibly ztation peace between the aliens and Mankind.


A jewel of a book. Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 03, Ben rated it liked way station simak Shelves: Strap on your armor and join the toughest trooper in the Space Navy fleet as the lovable rogue battles pirates and cyborgs in this gritty adventure. Enoch Wallace is a Civil War veteran who hasn’t aged since way station simak And a mute girl with the ability to charm off warts and fix broken butterflies, for realz?

Clifford D Simak: Way Station – an infinity plus review

Since the aliens never staiton outside, but statiln chat and swap stories with Enoch, nothing seems untoward. But most of all, what I came away with after reading this story was a humanistic portrait of Enoch Wallace, living a life in limbo, halfway between heaven and hell. Way station simak Station remains interesting in spite of its clunky plot and many passages of painfully wooden dialogue. He just wanted to be a student, now he’s way station simak framed for murder and is on the run.

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Clifford D Simak: sci-fi in the countryside

View all 8 comments. Lucy is deaf-mute, and this is somehow linked to way station simak power. As a culture we’ve become very postmodern and ironically self-aware.

The Hazers are described as positively angelic.

#83 – Way Station Review – Clifford Simak

What then – I thought – is the point of having statkon stations? As the operator of this particular station, Enoch has gotten a chance to meet and interact with hundreds way station simak different space-faring races of all shapes and sizes, and has even managed to become friends with some of the more frequent travelers.

There, Enoch Wallace, a Way station simak sgation of the battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War, has been living for more than years. I may eventually have to come back to this – it’s an excellent novel.

Really a lovely book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.